Tuesday, July 6, 2010

stupid things. stupid love. stupid confusion.

what's the deal? WITH EVERYTHING. like, holey muthafucker.
anyway. i hope everybody is wonderful. i accidentally got really drunk last night, ordered $40 worth of mcdonalds, painted an entire wall in small messages and then proceeded to throw up all night/today. i also had a driving test today which fucking killed me. i was still dizzy and probably not fit to drive but it's okay, i passed regardless. i then threw up all over myself.

i am sorry. you don't need to hear this garbage. i sound gross. i am gross. i also managed to blurt out all my secrets to my friends last night. probably a good thing though. told them that i have loved that cunt face since i was thirteen. burst out in tears out of rage for unrequited love.

x. lauren.

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